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Occupational Health

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What's Our Clients Say

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Robert Alcide
Managing Director

Our company have worked with Ablemarsh for a number of years and find the service to be friendly, efficient and cost affective. 
They respond to issues in a telly fashion and enjoy working with their team.

David Evans
Operations Manager

We are a property management company and need to consider the compliance issues on behalf our property owners and ourselves. We find that Ablemarsh are able to provide a clear plans for our requirements providing the peace of mind for us and our clients

James Wilson

We specialise in the management of apartment blocks and Houses in Multiple Occupation. We therefore need to maintain our H&S records for all sites, Ablemarsh provide us with Fire Risk Assessment of all our managed sites.

Carmen Haas
Marketing Manager

We use Ablemarsh to ensure we are compliant in the office as well as for our engineers moving from one client’s site to another, ensuring that they are safe in the varied work they undertake, from driving to various installation issues we may come across.

Questions & Answers

Prices vary according to
– Online method
– Length of course
– The speciality of the subject
Please email, or call us and we will provide you with a competitive quote that meets the requirements of your business
We provide professionally qualified trainers
Certificates are issued on a successful completion of the course & assessments (if required).

We offer a Safety Advisor who will implement agreed, specialist actions on your behalf and manage safety on an ongoing basis. Based on an initial audit to determine your needs, a suitable chosen advisor will build a robust, simple and transparent safety management systems that is fully in tune with your business needs and budget. We concentrate on a pragmatic approach, with the accent on improving safety whilst minimising onerous procedures and complicated documentation.
What are the consequences in the event of prosecution against my company?

The negative effects of a prosecution are potentially far more serious than they may appear at first sight
Increased insurance premiums
Loss of confidence by existing clients and potential clients
Loss of staff confidence and morale
Probing enquiries are frequently asked openly in prequalification questionnaires.

The law now requires that all computer workstations should be assessed by the employer. The assessments should be carried out by someone who has been trained.
The issues to be covered include an ergonomic assessment of the workstation, the relative height of the chair – desk – screen; spacing of keyboard and screen; lighting, glare and reflections; arm or wrist resting provision and adjustability to suit different individuals. Getting the workstation right will eliminate most of the strains an employee might otherwise suffer.