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Safety Consulting

Every business has a responsibility under Health & Safety Legislation.  Depending on the type of the business and the number of employees, the Health & Safety requirements differ.

Juggling regulations and officials is a tough task to undertake as an individual. As an employer, you have to ensure that the person managing your health and safety program in competent. Ablemarsh Safety Consultants are here to help you manage your health and safety program. You can feel confident that our consultants come with the highest amount of knowledge, skills, and expertise. This allows you, the employer, to focus on matters such as production and business growth.

With Ablemarsh Safety Consultants in your pocket, safety will always be top priority. Our services will assist you with:

  • Health and safety duties
  • Writing Health and Safety Policies
  • Developing risk assessments to determine risk control methods
  • Advising employees of health and safety issues through training
  • Providing health and safety compliance checks
  • Evaluating workplace environments
  • Accident investigation
  • Incident response

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